13 Folds are Worthy Of Fidelity

During President Tim Jaeger and First Lady Sandy’s visit to the Inland District, the Young Marines performed the ceremony honoring the Folding of the Flag at Hesperia Elks Lodge. It was a beautiful ceremony following the posting of the flags by our Exalted Rulers. Each of the Young Marines demonstrated a fervent desire to exhibit all […]

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Agreements and Reminders

I have been blessed to serve in the Elks in several different lodges and most of the chair positions and while I hope to continue to find new ways to continue and grow I am still in awe of the obligation and what we promise to ourselves and each other when we join. I, in […]

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Together We Can Find A Way Out of the darkness

Elks Teen Drug Awareness New Resources

In addition to lessons on Alcohol, Bullying, and Marijuana the Elks Teen Drug Awareness site is so much more than a website. It’s a comprehensive educational resource for parents, teachers, and youth. Once you get to the site, you’ll have the opportunity to register and create lesson plans, take quizzes, play games, watch videos and […]

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Happy Birthday America

Having passed through over half of 2019, I want to wish a “Happy Birthday/Happy July 4th” to my fellow Elks and Americans. As Elks, we take a very special interest in our Nations wellbeing and a fair amount of pride in the freedoms we enjoy from sunrise to sunrise. The past few months have been […]

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It Takes A Village

When you look at the large scale events put on by the lodge it’s easy to see that the successful ones have a strong team of helpers involved. Our 1st Responders Dinner included a team to create the most successful one we’ve had to date. With the support of members and family including: Robbie Pierce, […]

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Mojave Elks #2059 Veterans

On November 11, 2018, Mojave Elks Lodge celebrated our Veteran’s with a BBQ / Potluck, which as attended by Veteran’s and our Mojave Queens. We take a moment to say Thank You to our members who have served our country. Below is a list of our current members who have served in the Armed Forces.  Please […]

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Why Elks?

In its entirety our mission statement reads: “To inculcate the principles of Charity, Justice, Brotherly Love and Fidelity; to recognize a belief in God; to promote the welfare and enhance the happiness of its Members; to quicken the spirit of American patriotism; to cultivate good fellowship; to perpetuate itself as a fraternal organization, and to […]

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Why I’m An Elk

The last weekend saw over 1000 members of the California Hawaii Elks Association (one segment of the larger Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks) gather in Palm Springs at the Westin to reconnect, educate, and celebrate the accomplishments of the past year.

The fact that this is a volunteer organization that continues to support communities by working with such groups as the youth, our veterans, scouting and so much more is just the starting point of why I actively support the BPOE.

Then there are the friendships that are created, some instantaneous, some cultivated over time. In my 10 (short) years there are those that, when we meet at the lodge or a convention, it’s like “old home week” with stories, smiles and laughter. In the last year we moved and our membership is now at Mojave Lodge and again, we have connected with wonderful individuals. They care and work hard to create a place of camaraderie for the folks who provide a service through their membership in this organization.

It’s that “service” element that keeps me inspired and here is just one of the stories from convention.

As you may or may not know, one of the programs that the Elks provide is the “Major Project”. In the various states, the focus may be slightly different but ultimately, it is about helping to create a better world for everyone. Here in our association our Major Project provides therapeutic resources for children that may not be able to receive help and in some cases, were determined beyond help. But the latter is a story for another day.

Today we celebrate the joy of Aya. Aya is our 2017-18 theme child and a delight to be around. But it wasn’t too long ago that the story was different. At 3 ½ Aya was speaking below a 1 year old level due to a condition known as Apraxia. Today at 5 ½, with the help of her speech therapy through the CHEA Major Project, “she is now an independent, sociable, verbal, outgoing, happy and confident girl”. To play a part in that change, no matter how small, is success. Our future lies in the hands of the youth and to be a part of an organization that continues to make such a profound difference in not only a single life but also all the lives they touch is beyond words.

It is with deep gratitude that I echo the appreciation shared by our Exalted Ruler Warren Guest during the Major Project parade, we want to thank PER Todd Smith for his efforts over the last year to help our lodge raise funds to contribute to the well-being of children throughout our association.