Happy Birthday America

Having passed through over half of 2019, I want to wish a “Happy Birthday/Happy July 4th” to my fellow Elks and Americans.

As Elks, we take a very special interest in our Nations wellbeing and a fair amount of pride in the freedoms we enjoy from sunrise to sunrise.

The past few months have been filled with plenty of activity in each area of the lodge and so many members have pitched in on the different fronts that we support. Most recently, we have had the Chili Cook-off and the Association Vice-President’s dinner and both were a success. Through your efforts, we’ve raised money for our Major Project, our Kitchen, and our Queens. And it’s because of you. Each person has their own unique strengths and together we make a good team!

Thank you to the following for their help with the Chili Cook-off and the AVP dinner as well as much of the work that has been done around the lodge: Ruben Andrade, Charlie Guest, Linda Brooks, Gary Sampley, Sandra, Scott and Breanna Baker, Clifford Yates, Bob Fusik, Homer Hansen, Ed Orchard, David and Travis Behrens, Ramona Mestas, Alexa and Jessica Rogers, Ted, Cindy and Joe Hodgkinson, Colleen Heller, Hank Parker, Warren Guest, Ryan Heller, John and Sharon Ashcraft, David Cleveland, Rebecca Watts, Amy Cook, Bob Friend, Paul Wagner, our Mojave Queens and their families as well as the families of our members who support them as they spend their time on lodge activities. In addition to our own members, I’d like to thank those who joined us for the AVP visit!! And, if I’ve left anyone out – please forgive me and let me know!

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