Communication is Key

With every change comes opportunity…

As your new Exalted Ruler, I look forward to building on the foundation laid by past administrations as well as making the most of our time together during the next 12 months! Additionally, I appreciate the fact that we have several PER’s still actively involved in the lodge – their experience and expertise only serves to make us stronger.

The single overriding goal for my tenure is to improve communication so that we know what’s happening, that everyone knows how important you are to the lodge and that regardless of position, we’re all in this together. We have so many opportunities to serve the community and each other that I am looking forward seeing what we can do this year. I encourage each of you to attend the lodge meetings, a House Committee meeting or two and participate in as many events as you can, it’s YOUR lodge and you help make the decisions in the directions we move only when you’re there.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank PER Warren Guest for all of his support and guidance over the past year – his vast experience in the world of Elkdom is much appreciated by both myself and the lodge!

Please know that if you have ideas or suggestions you can always reach me via email or my cell and if I’m not available at the time – I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Living closer to the lodge now, I also hope to be down there more frequently!

Finally, thank you to our new corps of officers and committee chairs! As a not-for-profit fraternal organization, there is a lot required to keep the doors of the clubroom open so the community of support run by volunteer effort is appreciated more than mere words can convey!!

As they say in the Corps – Semper Fi, and may we always be faithful to our purpose and each other.

Kira Wagner, Exalted Ruler Mojave Lodge #2059
Major Project Chair, Inland District
Strengthening Elkdom Through Communication and Team Work

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