August Notes From The Exalted Ruler

A shout out to Scott & Sandra Baker, David & Travis Behrens, and Jessica Rogers, Clifford Yates, and Ed Orchard for all of the help over the past few weeks. The toilet in the ladies bathroom is working, the cakes and meals have been wonderful and things are getting fixed! Ted and Cindy have been working diligently to make sure we stay on top of the changes and demands on the business side of things so when you see ANY of these folks – PLEASE SAY THANKS.
Thank you to the members that stepped up to become part of the Officer Corps, we still are in need of an Esquire and 1 Year Trustee but we have the following changes:

  • Lecturing Knight – Paul Wagner
  • Inner Guard – Travis Behrens
  • Tiler – John Ashcraft

We are honored to have Warren Guest as our new District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler and I encourage all of our members and their families who live in the area to join us on August 10 for his dinner. Additionally,  any member is welcome and encouraged to attend the clinic that same afternoon. You’ll find more details on the calendar and on the website.

Members that attended the lodge meeting on 7/17 heard the report from the Grand Lodge Convention, all members may view the daily newsletters available at the lodge. We’re including the results from the proposed resolutions and you’ll note the ones that passed in bold.

Again, thank you to each and every one of you for all you do for the lodge!



BPO Elks Grand Lodge Resolution, Voting Results 2019 St Louis, MO Ballots Cast 2989

2019-01 To authorize the merger of two or more State Associations. 83% PASS

2019-02 To provide a procedure for the merger of State Associations. 81% PASS

2019-03 To require the Officers of the Lodge to perform the Ritual during the official visit of the District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler. 39% FAIL

2019-04 To make sure that no jewels or regalia are worn outside the Lodge room except during special ceremonies. 83% PASS

2019-05 To allow Lodges to amend their By-Laws to provide for a different rate of dues for married couples residing at the same address 28% FAIL

2019-06 To add the Secretary and Treasurer to the Board of Directors. 46% FAIL

2019-07 To allow caregivers and/or drivers of disabled Members to remain in the Social Quarters during a meeting. 85% PASS

2019-08 To define a Member in Good Standing and confirm that an Elk who is suspended from Club privileges is still a Member in Good Standing 72% PASS

2019-09 To move the definition of an Unaffiliated Elk to the Definition Chapter and confirm that an Elk whose Membership is suspended in any manner is an Unaffiliated Elk 90% PASS

2019-10 To transfer the responsibilities for membership marketing from the Fraternal Committee to the Committee on Public Relations and Membership Marketing. 90% PASS

2019-11 To codify that an Executive Order issued by the Grand Exalted Ruler may suspend a Member’s social privileges in the Order. 90% PASS

2019-12 To require Lodges to meet at least twice in February, March and April and to provide an alternative method of Notice for special meetings called for the sole purpose of Initiation.

61% PASS

2019-13 To allow District Deputies to be appointed to Districts other than their home District. 47% FAIL

2019-14 To replace the requirement of an Annual Financial Report (audit, review or compilation) with a standardized on-line financial reporting system. 60% PASS

2019-15 To provide how the Board of Director positions in a for profit corporation shall be constituted.  74% PASS

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