A New Year with New Opportunities

As much as I love the charitable work we do, I love performing and one of my favorite passages during the ritual reads:

“Our time upon the stage of action is but brief, yet in the drama each must play a part. The character is left for each to choose; a villain if we will, or person of honor, holding high above all things — high as Hope’s great throbbing star above the darkness of the dead — respect for virtue, and love of family and home and friend.”

We have a limited amount of time here to make an impact, to make a difference in our world, and it is through that respect and love that we are offered an opportunity to choose and act on those changes that what we want to create around us.

Because of your trust in me, the next year finds me serving as your Exalted Ruler for another term and I look forward to additional opportunities to move the lodge and our community forward in success and possibilities. Along with the rest of our new officers and the vision they bring to the lodge, I firmly believe we are in a position to enjoy that prosperity for years to come.

Many of you took advantage to meet our new officers during the installation dinner and you also experienced the changes with the Elk of the Year and Member Appreciation Dinner. With members like these joining our ranks “Finding the Gold in Our Members” will be a joy.

Kira Wagner ER Pin 2019-2020

Kira Wagner, PER
Exalted Ruler 2019-2020
“Finding The Gold In Our Members”

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