Let Nothing You Dismay

“God rest you merry gentlemen let nothing you dismay…”

To rest and let nothing cause dismay or dissension, that is my wish for you this holiday season.

Of course, our efforts as members of the Elks are never-ending with activities to plan, meetings to host, events to oversee, and a lodge to run in the mix, yet, with forethought and patience these tasks can all be done calmly and effectively at a pace that allows the beauty and peace of the season to come shining through.

Before we know it, 2020 will be here and a New Year for the lodge will be upon us.

A heartfelt thanks to Paul, Ted, Cindy, Ruben, Joe, Ed, David, Travis, Ramona, Mike, Colleen, Kenny, Ryan, Sandra, Scott, Susie, Warren, Carolyn, Linda, Sharon, John, Perri, Amy, Rebecca, Pat, Paula, Michele, Dianne, Monty, Darin, Debbi, Rose Marie, Vicki, Hank, Michele, Jessica, Alexa, Dolly, Shannon, Bob, Gean, Gary, Tia, TJ, Odessa, Cynthia, Bill, and any other member of either this Lodge and others in our district who have contributed to the success of our lodge during the year!

May God bless you and bring you a wonderful New Year is my prayer!

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