ER Article – End of the Year Wrap-Up

As the 208-2019 lodge year comes to a close I look back and am amazed at how fast it has progressed!

We have changed a few things up like the birthday steak dinner, while it’s only held quarterly, you can get your free dinner anytime during the year without worrying if you’re gone during your birthday “month”.

This month we have the annual installation as well as a separate night to honor our Elk of the Year and other outstanding contributions over the course of the year. A significant change to this dinner is that for our Mojave lodge members, it is a night to show our appreciation to you, so the dinner is free to Mojave lodge members with their card. Of course, the dinner will be immediately followed by our St, Patrick’s Day Party so a fun evening all around!

The installation dinner on the 30th will be a time to party with others from the community and the district as we bring in our new slate of Officers and have some time to find out what is coming this new year.

Regardless of where you are or what may come, I appreciate all the support you have shown during the year so, one final shout of thanks to the following members: Ruben Andrade, Sandra Baker, Travis Behrens, David Behrens, Suzie Bunn, Dave Cleveland, Lynda Cook, Dollie Cooksey, William Fitzsimmons, Bob Friend, Bob Fusik, Josh Goff, Charlie Guest, Warren Guest, Homer Hansen, Gini, Colleen, Kenny and Ryan Heller, Cynthia, Joe and Ted Hodgkinson, Gene Ikola, Ramona and Michael Mestas, Ken Miller, Ed Orchard, Hank Parker, Robbie Pierce, Leslie Rex-Smith, Alexa Rogers, Steve Rushford, Gary Sampley, Bill Slack, Todd Smith, Jessica Smith, Deborah Smoot, Susan Vogt, Paul Wagner, Cynthia Watanabe, Ashley Wussick, and Cliff Yates. Thank you for your contributions this past year, I appreciate you.

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