Mojave Elks #2059 Veterans

On November 11, 2018, Mojave Elks Lodge celebrated our Veteran's with a BBQ / Potluck, which as attended by Veteran's and our Mojave Queens. We take a moment to say Thank You to our members who have served our country.

Below is a list of our current members who have served in the Armed Forces.  Please take a moment when you see them to thank them for their service.

Aday, Guy R
Andrade, Ruben
Baggett, Michael Dean
Bailey, Jr., Ervin G
Bakman, Robert R
Barrett, Martin
Bixby, Robert
Brown, Darrel D
Brueggeman, Walter
Bryant, Timothy B
Cooksey, Maryon C
Cramer, Raymond C
Crothers, Frank J
Cummings, Robert A
Elrod, James R
Felter, Jr., Richard
Fimbres, Julio
Fitzsimmons, William
Fritz, Danny A
Gerwat, Frank R
Given, Ray
Graves, Clayton
Green, Thomas N
Griffin, Marion D "Grif"
Grim, Clark W
Guest, Charles W
Guest, Warren
Guethlein, Richard Lee
Gunnell, Byron Gary
Heller, Virginia "Gini"
Herrera, Rudolph
Huston, Gerald W
Ikola, Eugene
Kainu, Mr, Bret
Krawitz, Mr, Howard
MacInnes, Jessica
MacInnes, Michael
Meily, John
Mestas, Michael A
Michel, Steven T
Montgomery, Kenneth
Nault, Thomas Ryan
Nove, Walter
Oliver, Steve
Olson, Steven
Orchard, Ed J.
Osburn, Daniel
Parker III, Henry H
Peery, Robert Jw
Penick, George L
Pierce, Grady
Polzin, Larry A
Rest, Edward F
Rush, Raymond E
Russo, Louis Michael
Rutter, Gregory
Sallee, Jettie L
Shamphan, William J
Slater, Edward
Smith, Connie Lee
Smith, Richard A
Stone, Robert
Thomas, Arthur M
Verren, Karl
Wagner, Kira
Watts, William Glenn
Willie, Richard A
Wilson, James Keith
Wilson, Kenneth
Wingerter, Gary D
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