It Takes A Village

When you look at the large scale events put on by the lodge it’s easy to see that the successful ones have a strong team of helpers involved. Our 1st Responders Dinner included a team to create the most successful one we’ve had to date.

With the support of members and family including: Robbie Pierce, Suzie Vogt, Ed Orchard, Joe Hodgkinson, Kenny Miller, Brenna Baker, Travis Behrens, Dave Behrens, Cliff Yates, Devon Trego, Linda Brooks, Paul Wagner, Karen Weil, Norma Bradford, Ted Hodgkinson, Sandra Baker, Scott Baker, Shannon Kilby, Ramona Mestas, Ryan Heller and our Queens – Maiah Watanabe, Faith Ogden-Ashcraft, and Priscilla Scott all investing time and effort, we provided dinners for 22 1st responders and an enjoyable evening for many of our members.

Then our Mother’s Day Brunch was one of the most beautiful presentations of ceremony and food we’ve had in years with the additional help (many of the above-named individuals helped again on Mother’s Day) of Jessica Rogers, Alexa Rogers, Cindy Turner, Bill Slack, Cynthia Hodgkinson, Rebecca Watts, Ruben Andrade, and Sandra Baker’s granddaughter, Alyssa.

Our lodge is stronger when we work together and we’ve seen that time and again.

When you look at the list of names, yours may not be among them at this time but you may have purchased a meal, shared the event on Facebook, or invited a friend. As a result, your participation is no less valuable because all the food prepared with no one to eat – means little. So know this, I appreciate everything each of you does to continue to help strengthen and grow our lodge as well as the community. We’ll do it all again for the Chili Cook-Off Weekend coming June 14-15.

Also, June will see a new approach to our initiation when “A special meeting for the purpose of initiation” will be held on Sunday, June 9 with a potluck and celebratory cake following to allow more members to come and support the initiation.
I look forward to seeing you around the lodge!

Kira Wagner, PER
Finding The Gold In Our Members

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